Spring has got to be my favorite season.

I remember how my eyes would yearn for color by March back when we lived in Calgary. I think my eyes were seriously color deprived. Some days I just wanted to grab anything green or red or pink and try to absorb some of it into my poor little grey-filled retinas. And more than anything I would “keep my eyeballs peeled,” during our walks, for the wild crocuses that would be inching their sturdy little heads through the surface of winter’s hardened ground. After that I would look for the tulips.

When Spring finally came in May and June I would spend hours and hours a day outside just basking in it. I know some of my Calgary friends are probably at that point right now, just aching for winter to break its seemingly endless hold. Hang in there friends! Spring is coming! (And I miss you. But that’s another topic.)

I absolutely love these trees.

They’re called Saucer Magnolias (Soulangiana Magnolia) but most people around here call them Tulip Trees.

There is another kind of tree called a Tulip Tree but these… they look more like Tulips to me. And they also seem to coincide with the early spring timing of Tulips.

And the timing of Tulips just makes me happy.

Cheerful tulips turn their heads
upward at the sky
looking for the warming sun
just as much as I.
Happy tulips lift their gaze
and open up their eyes
arms upraised expectantly
for the sun to rise.
Smiling tulips op’ning up,
friendly faced and bright,
lifting up my wintery thoughts
and pointing toward the light.

By Me – just now

Tulips really are the happiest flowers, I think.

Everyone has their own hierarchy of happiest flowers. Here is my hierarchy:

  1. Tulips
  2. Daffodils
  3. Jonquils
  4. Poppies
  5. Daisies
  6. Sunflowers

The list goes on from there but basically that’s my floral hierarchy of happiness.

Then there is a hierarchy of happiest trees. Crabapple trees, cherry trees, pretty much anything blazing pink or white with flowers is going to make it onto my hierarchy of happiest trees list. Saucer Magnolias have to be at the very top of that list.

Other happiest trees include those trees on which grows the elixir of life, coffee, and the other elixir of life, chocolate.

What do you think the happiest flowers are? What signs of Spring most lift your spirits and remind you that winter doesn’t last forever?

I took all of these pictures with my lovely little Fujifilm FinePix X100.

2 thoughts on “Spring and its flowers and trees of happiness

  1. Gorgeous COLORFILLED pics! Especially loved what you did with coloring/filters on the pic right before your impromptu poem. Very modern and sophisticated shadings there. Lovely!

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