UPDATE: The winner of the super cute shoes is Meredith Montgomery! Congratulations Meredith! E-mail me with your information and I’ll get your pretty shoes in the mail ASAP!

This post will be about shoes. It will be about you (if you wear size 8 1/2) being able to win a pair of shoes that my feet would walk out on me for wearing. So hold on tight. Okay? I promise I will get there. Here’s a teaser…

But before I get to that I have to just blog because this is my blog and it’s what I do. I blog here. Rarely do I give away shoes. So I gotta be true to myself and I also have to string this out a bit… make it last.

I have been sick as a dog the past three days. My son (who was scheduled to have a tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy yesterday) and I both came down with Strep Throat on Sunday. He had just gotten off antibiotics for it early last week after having had his last surgery date postponed. So we are about to be scheduled again… I’m hoping the third time is a charm because this is getting old.

Can I just tell you one thing? Strep Throat gets worse the older you get! I had it all the time as a kid and it was never this awful. I haven’t been this sick since I was a new mom. I had a cruel infection just for nursing moms. I literally couldn’t move with that 105° fever. Fortunately I never got that bad with this but I rediscovered that 103.5 feels pretty darn awful too. As for the pain. Far worse than when I was a kid. I may as well have been drinking gallons of glass-shard smoothies for how ravaged my tonsils are.

That catches you up a bit. I’m leaving out the whole epoch [aka. 5 weeks] when at least one person happened be sick every weekend so that the Sunday that we came down sick was the first in a long time that we’d been able to go to church, little knowing we’d come down sick mid-way through the morning.) But it also explains why some of the following pictures are of remarkably low quality. I felt like a tonsillar pus pocket with legs. (I’m all about giving you a nice visual. You can thank me later…. when you’ve recovered from vomiting in your mouth.)

SO, while I was sick I was cheered by a package arriving by way of the friendly UPS man who probably had to heroically dodge doggy poo land mines all over our yard in the rain just to get them to me because (insert lame excuses about rain, fevers, malaise etc. here.)

Penicillin is a blessing. Instead of a moment of silence for the mold, I am holding this shoe giveaway instead.

Remember my Blissdom post? I shared loads of pictures (The Lorax, Rascal Flatts & Joe Jonas, Nathan Pacheco, Chris Mann, etc.) from a fabulous weekend of fun which ended in a crescendo of sickness and shoes. How fitting that those shoes would arrive when I was sick yet again! Nothing like shoes to cheer you up on a rainy sick day! I ran for these shoes. I ran like the wind. I ran as I prayed that I would not vomit on the lovely pile of foot adornment I was amassing. Okay, this picture is small and it’s mostly because I’m too tired to go back and re-export it as a larger picture. But it makes me appear smaller and we all know that’s a nice thing. Plus, I guarantee you… that’s not my face of intestinal comfort.

As I surveyed my winnings, I clutched my belly and laughed but I was clutching my belly in fear. Fear of vomiting on a pile of lovely new shoes in front of a large crowd of ladies beneath the glaring stage lights is a healthy fear, isn’t it? I was laughing because I had just won five pairs of shoes from Famous Footwear (Oh, go on… go like ’em! By the way… those wedges in their timeline cover? I won those and they are remarkably comfortable!)

I have not satiated you with enough pictures.

So Mr. UPS dodged the doggy poopy and brought me this…

And inside I found all of this… Hello. Christmas in March!

And I promptly took them out and admired them all one by lovely one. BLUE Nikes! These are going to be the Bob and Jillian of my feet.

Black and Pink Reeboks! ((Sniff sniff)) These are too small for me but hey… that’s my next giveaway!

Pink and Black Asics!

And hello little darling. You are cute and you are pink and you, along with your adorably devious mate, have a plan to annihilate my caveman feet.   And then I saw these. I was pretty sure they would also be murder on my little caveman feet (minus the excess hair associated with caveman feet, mind you.) I tell you, my feet do not respond well to a lot of situations with which other feet seem perfectly comfortable. They’re in counseling. And these shoes here, these are actually going to be the Clinton and Stacy to my feet. I love these shoes and I think I might not fall and break my ankle. At least I’ll try not to. And if I do… well, I’ll make Stacy and Clinton proud as I go down in a blaze of shoe glory. So, you now get a chance to win that lovely pair of Size 8 1/2 coral wedges up there. Fergalicious Flutter Coral Wedges. Yes, I just said the word Fergalicious. Pigs flew. The end. Check out all the specs at Famous Footwear. They also have better pictures because they didn’t have Strep throat when they took their pictures. Remember, this giveaway is for this one pair of SIZE 8 1/2 shoes. (Winner will not be able to pick their size, so only enter if you’re a size 8 1/2or close enough that you feel comfortable entering. Or enter for a friend who wears size 8 1/2. You’re so nice to your friend who wears size 8 1/2!) Use the Punchtab below to enter to win! Winner will be announced on April Fool’s Day because that’s sort of fun. Then nobody believes that they won something when they get the notice! Ha!


8 thoughts on “You like shoes, right? (WINNER ANNOUNCED!)

  1. ummm. embarrassed to admit that i don’t know what a punchtab is. but i sure do like those pretty in pink shoes…educate this girl so i can enter 🙂

  2. This post made me laugh! I don’t really know what size I wear. Sometimes it’s a seven and a half, sometimes it’s an eight and a half. I might be able to wear these shoes. But it’s more likely that I would walk like I was a drunk on stilts. So…I’m not exactly entering the contest. But…if I were to win, then I would give them away to a friend. Or maybe I would try them. A drunk on stilts would make for a good blog post, at any rate.
    P.S. I am very glad you did not puke on the stage. That would have been so sad. And I hope you are feeling much better! I have been sick a lot of the last two weeks, and not as bad as you, but it’s NOT FUN! Take care!

  3. Enter Christina! :^D You can always do a re-re-giveaway. Haha! I hope you are feeling better. I’m so glad for antibiotics. Last night I was curled up and crying like a baby from the pain. Tonight. I’m clothed and in my right mind (mostly.)

  4. Dude, I don’t know what a punchtab is either but I should get them! I’m sure I can find somewhere to wear them after cheering you on! lol

  5. I have gargantuan feet so these sweet coral wedges are not for me! Maybe next time you get swag that doesn’t fit you, I’ll enter to win. 🙂

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