I’ve been wanting… nay, needing more storage space for my kitchen. Our house is actually an upstairs/downstairs duplex with a shared front door and indoor stairs. So basically it’s a house with extra doors, if that makes any sense at all. This means that technically we have two kitchens. But the upstairs kitchen has no stove and is mostly used for the kid’s art and school and an air hockey table.

The downstairs kitchen sees all the food action.

It is also a kitchen built for about 2-4 occupants. We have 7. Needless to say, it’s what you might call “cozy” if you’re in a good mood and “cramped” if you are tired of bumping into people and not being able to fit stuff. It’s a challenge.

So for a while now I’ve been thinking that I needed a sideboard. I don’t usually buy furniture new but I can be daunted by big DIY projects.

My drive for more space took over though as I did a major house-cleaning. So I hit the local thrift store yesterday and found your regular run of the mill ugly old dresser.

I could go into a long how-to on what I did to get this dresser from hideous to happy but I’ll keep it simple: sand (electric sander), dust, prime and paint. Boom. Done. Baddabingbaddaboom.

Here is the before, during and after:


Sorry. No absolute before because I was in a Tawanda mood and started tackling it the minute I got it home.





Primed and beginning of first coat of paint. Turquoise!



Priming the drawers…


Almost done…



After (mostly… minus two handles because, dumbness of dumbness, the holes on those two drawers are closer together than on all the other drawers. Grrr. Fix is in the works.)


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I bought all of my supplies yesterday on my way home from the thrift store at Home Depot. Stuff I used on this project: Painter’s Touch Flat Gray Primer, Norton 100 grit sandpaper and Glidden Premium Interior semi-gloss (I think that’s the right one.)

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