So I had seen this old brass pineapple lamp at my mom’s house and figured that it wasn’t super special to anyone a while ago. I had asked my Mom if I could have it a while back but never went over and got it.


Flames shooting out the knob of a table lamp in your house will make you go get an old pineapple lamp really quickly. Turns out it was probably the outlet that caused the problem rather than the lamp but I’m not taking my chances with that other lamp now that flames have whizzed their way through its circuits. It’s sitting cozily in the trash, thankyouverymuch.

As you can see from the picture above, there are a lot of projects around our house that are not really complete… like lack of switchplates and Oh, never having painted some walls. Who needs walls painted anyway when you have pineapple lamps that need makeovers?


So I washed this puppy off with a damp sponge (the scouring side of the sponge.) Then I took it outside and lightly sanded and dusted it off. I also taped up the few little bits that I didn’t want to paint.

Then I chopped it up.


Slightly overripe but really, for being from the 70’s, pretty good still and oddly enough, no metallic aftertaste. What a nice surprise.

Okay, so I actually cut that up for the kids for lunch because it had been sitting here ripening for way too long and was on the verge of being wasted. So back to the lamp. I then whipped out the paint (thanks again Home Depot!)


And gave it one coat…


and then another…


And then I let it dry.

I bought a new lampshade, harp (the metal bracket that holds the lampshade) and a new decorative top thingy (real official name.) I put it all back together and plugged it in (in a different outlet than the original offending outlet which is known to send flames shooting out of otherwise perfectly good lamps) and Voila! A lovely white pineapple lamp.
















I actually was probably a little overzealous with the paint because there are some noticeable drips at the bottom of the lamp. I think I’ll sand them down and repaint there this weekend. Overall, it was a good first lamp makeover.




5 thoughts on “DIY Hideous to Happy: Pineapple Lamp

  1. This is fantastically awesome!! Did you know the pineapple is a symbol of Southern hospitality? Well it is!!:)

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