Are there ever really enough flowers? No. Heaven will have never-ending flowers, I think, because flowers are good for you. It’s true.

That is a lovely one, is it not? I feel healthier already.

The happy tulips
smile still,
their cheerful
like a frill,
like a laugh,
a twirling girl
whose skirt
spins ’round in
a fluttery whirl.

Another Tulip Poem
by Me (just now)

(Pssst! Studies show that poetry is good for your health too. Just sayin’.)

You may not have had enough cupcakes recently either. The president says that cupcakes are good for you. This is a concern for me (that you may not have seen enough cupcakes lately and therefore might have low euphoria levels.) One needs to see a decent cupcake now and then to lift one’s spirits and improve one’s brain function. And one really ought to consume a cupcake now and then also. For one’s health of course. Of course, for health.

And we all know that studies show that dark chocolate is good for us. There can be no arguments there.

Studies also show that birthdays are good for your health. The more birthdays you’ve had, it’s been proven, the longer you live. Hard to believe but true. Birthdays. Do ’em for your health, man.

That boy, just had his 12th celebration of birth which is hard to believe for someone who was so recently six pounds and wrapped up burrito style in a 100% cotton Carter’s blanket demanding homemade milk and fresh diapers by the hour.

Eggs. Another thing that are good for your health. Nope. Bad. Nope. Good. Nope. Bad. Nope. Sorry. Good again! I mean, strike that, reverse it. BAD! Hold up a minute… Eggs are super food!

Oh well. They are pretty, no matter what the doctors decide to say about them.

I have also conducted some personal studies on the health benefits of nieces. Results: Good for you.

Also, cats are good for you (allergies notwithstanding.) Studies prove it. Studies also prove that pigs can’t really fly (documentation needed.) Studies also show that one of the best ways to impress people with your point is to remind them that studies show things.

So here are some cats. (For your health.)

And that brings us back to flowers.

By the way… Blogging is healthy… (and I’ve mentioned here before how much I love citing studies, real and fake, that prove my point.)

Cheers! To your health!

(disclaimer: all claims made here were made prior to finding studies to prove them.)

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