Fragments + Moments + Instagram = Instagraments. Not to be confused with Instagarments. I think Instagarments, close relatives to the paper napkin garments you are given at the Dr’s office, are what Adam and Eve whipped up for themselves after that those fateful bites.

I decided to Instagram my day until my phone died. What follows are all of the Instagraments that I caught before the battery went kaput upon our arrival back at home… and then I used my iPad.

So here’s my day in an Instagram shell. (No nuts for the nut-free crowd.)


Wake up…

Drive to church. This is Facebook Headquarters. We pass it on our way to church every Sunday. That apparent meteor about to make impact and turn Facebook Headquarters into a giant crater is actually a speck of something of unknown origin on the windshield. Those arrows are really arrows.

After church we fancied a jaunt to Half Moon Bay because it was lovely and warm and gorgeous. We thought, “How nice it would be to eat some nice fancy food out of doors.” And so we drove to the coast.

And the fog rolled in.

And the temperature dropped a full 20°. And we had not sweaters in our possession.

But we went and ate in a little cafe that had an indoor patio, compete with Spanish villas in mural form.

And mini meringue mushrooms.

Children ate health-value-free pastries for lunch. And declared us to be the best parents ever. Amen.

Oh and large meringue mushrooms were consumed.

After eating we sauntered next door to Toque Blanche, a lovely little shop filled with everything I would want in my ideal kitchen.

Fancy handleless wooden rolling-pins.

Delightful creamy French ceramics. From France. The country.

After oohing and ahhing over all of the lovelies therein contained we decided to walk the town. Such a lovely downtown in Half Moon Bay. This church is situated just East of Main St. Beautiful and so well-kept.

As is the jail, conveniently located next door to church.

My sons collect slimy animals. They name them and then squish them. As a whole, the slimy creature group is referred to amongst them as gooshers. That must be read with an emphasis on the long form of oo as in goof. Goosher. This one they named Snailgonk II. Then he was squished. (Snails are adorable and yet pestilent.)

Time is fleeting. For both snails and afternoon walks.

But we kept sauntering and ambling and meandering and such.

We wandered into the local feed store. Is anything more enjoyable for kids (and animal-loving moms) than a feed store? Feed stores are filled with some of my favorite smells: alfalfa pellets and leather.

Chicks too. I don’t like their smell but they are undeniably adorable.

Baby chicks are wont to literally fall asleep.

Eyes closing
in a tiny

And of course the obligatory baby bunnies. I named this one Mr. Buns. I’m very creative with naming. I have a cat named Cupcake, a cat named Paul, a dog named Bruce and if I got this bunny he would be Mr. Buns.

Moose. They don’t exactly fit in a California feed store but I guess you gotta have a moose on your wall if you are a feed store.

We sauntered right into another kitchen supply store. Le Creuset has outdone themselves. 4 and 20 blackbirds. Of course you only need one of these to vent your pie.

Potty breaks are a necessary evil. I thought this a handy time to get a self-portrait. And I was saving trees on earth day which I thought worthy of recording for posterity.

It was time to go so we headed back down the lovely Highway 92 away from Half Moon Bay. My darling husband humored my long-time wishes to go to one of the beautiful nurseries along this road.

I have decided that I would like to shoot a bridal session in this greenhouse. You can’t beat the lighting and you are surrounded by flowers.

I think it would be so pretty, don’t you?

Foxglove. I know they are terribly poisonous to doggies and children. Otherwise I would want a kajillion of them in my yard.

And off we went, back home through the rolling pea soup fog…

which dissolved like a whisper once over the hill.

Give me a quilt and a hoodie and I could lay on the ground and watch fog rolling in for hours.

We got home and the weeds welcomed me. Call me crazy but I sort of like how billowy and pillowy they are under the apple tree. They also hide lots of toys and doggy related things.

I started marinating the chicken.

Not those. Some other unlucky chicken that found itself in the refrigerator section at Trader Joe’s. Those are The Girls. They make lovely eggs and eat out of our hands. They are particularly fond of Kale. I was walking over to my Mom’s house when the girls started hollerin’ at me to get them some water. Chickens are very effective communicators.

So I filled their water dispenser and also another bowl outside of their coop in case they wanted to go for a dip.

Ranunculus. Ranunculus. Ranunculus. Say it. It’s fun.

And then I made dinner and spoke softly to my food. “Come to mama, my darlings.”

I do so love artichokes. Do you? They are right up there with Avocados and Asparagus, both culinarily and alphabetically.

Oh look. It’s a foil cyclops robot head with lego teeth.

I’m not sure you can end on a better note than that.

4 thoughts on “My day in Instagram moments… Instagraments

  1. I just showed the whole day to Dad. What fun! But I don’t think I could have kept up with all of you. Makes me want to spend a weekend over there some day. I don’t love mushrooms but I think I could manage those! Great pictures and fun commentary. And thanks for taking care of the chickens. I could hear them raising a ruckus but didn’t know what it was all about.

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