I live in a neighborhood that would likely be passed over quickly by those who don’t know it. In fact, truth be told, there’s a chance they might even drive a little faster. I gotta keep it real, people. It’s no The Hamptons. No offense to any The Hamptons dwellers intended of course. I’m pretty sure The Hamptons are a nice place to live.

It seems almost every town has a The Hamptons neighborhood. It’s where lawns are mowed regularly, dogs don’t poop on the pristine sidewalks and the mice and rats are finely attired, speak in a British accent and eat fancy cheeses.

No fancy cheeses in this neighborhood. We have a 50’s diner down the street, a liquor store… wait, no… two liquor stores, a taqueria, a soul food restaurant and a Chinese restaurant.

Every other street here has a different flavor. It’s easy to drive by them all and just assume they are all the same. But when you look a little closer you find that this is just not the case. And you find little bits of beauty tucked in here and there because beauty doesn’t solely reside in The Hamptons.

Just a walk down the street…

Flowers and trees and owls…

How quickly and easily we drive by it all.

And then of course there’s the beauty of the people we bring into the picture.

And the animals.

You don’t really have to look very far. You just have to look a little bit closer.


One thought on “A little bit closer

  1. You make an excellent point, Nan. I fail frequently at the looking a little closer. I miss the trees for the forest (I’ll explain my analogy…the mess all around me is so great, that it is hard to see the bits of beauty. There is certainly something to that thing they call order…).

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