Over the past few months I’ve taken to calling my oldest son, “Tonsil Boy.”


He has had Strep Throat 5 times in a row… I think it’s 5 anyway. A lot. I’ve lost count. No sooner would he finish a round of antibiotics before coming down with it again. Essentially someone in our house has been sick since mid-February. And we even did our time for a while between December and January with a pesky case of Pink Eye that liked to go in circles around the family, making an encore performance for more than one of us.


But Tonsil Boy has borne the brunt of the sickness. Between regular run-of-the-mill head colds, tummy bugs and Strep Throat it’s been almost non-stop. He and I shared one of those bouts of Strep with each other. We commiserated and watched movies together and moaned and gargled together. And took our temperature a lot because when you have a really high fever you want to be sure of what it is so that you can use it against someone when they might be tempted to think you are well just because your Advil is doing a good job.


Yesterday Tonsil Boy fought back. Actually the surgeon did.


He was so brave.


He was so cheerful.


He made his mama proud.


And afterward, he was very sore and sad. But still funny, sweet and strong.


He wanted me to post his picture online right away so that everyone could see that it went well and to thank them for praying.



We’re happy that this will help him to feel better and keep him from snoring (these were enormous tonsils that were causing apneic-type episodes and major snoring.)

Tonsil Boy said it best in his raspy post-surgery voice, “The beasts are out!” He actually sounded better yesterday than he does today. He feels pretty darn awful right now, in fact. I think he worked his voice a little too much yesterday, what with the singing and all.

2 thoughts on “Tonsil Boy

  1. Poor little man! I got teary looking at his post-surgery pics…it’s tough when your kids have to go through something like this, but man, it’s great that there was a solution for his troubles! Glad he’s on the mend!!

    1. I cried a little too when I wiped some of his croc tears. Beforehand he was so brave. He was dismayed when I suggested to him that he might cry a little afterwards. I was prepared but still… it pulls a mama’s heartstrings when they hurt, doesn’t it?

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