One thing I’ve learned about the internet is that it’s selective. Good bloggers are selective with what they share. They generally avoid sharing too many piles of dirty laundry. They might share the occasional “keepin’ it real – This is my morning face” kind of pictures but they know that too much of that will drive away traffic.

I have taken this to heart and try my best not to bore my readers with lots of dirty laundry details, both literal and figurative. And you can rest assured that I will never, ever (ever) post a “this is my morning face” picture. There is a reason I married one man (okay there are lots of reasons) and that is because I wouldn’t want to inflict my morning face on the world, but rather one human being who loves me more than my morning face.

In the spirit of not sharing everything, I try to share with you mostly when I actually have productive days. These days really are not representative of my every day. This is why they warrant attention and their own personal blog posts. They are rare.

Yesterday I got on Craigslist and bought something I’d been looking at for about a week. We needed a solution for a new work space for me in our main living area.

I found exactly what I wanted, along with a corner shelf. Still need to do a little more work on wall decor in this area but it’s made major progress in the last 24 hours.

Last night my sister and her husband came over to get some of their stuff out of a shed for a garage sale tomorrow. I rediscovered that I had a mirror that I wanted to use. I had gotten it with the dresser I found at my favorite thrift store for my kitchen sideboard project.

So I whipped it out this morning along with some old ultralight blue paint and some sealer. I couldn’t find any painter’s tape so I just used some packing tape. Worked fine.

And voila! My plan is to put four frames (two gold and two painted white) on either side of it. That’s another post though…. (Excuse my Instagrammed phone pictures. I couldn’t be bothered with my other cameras with paint hands.)

Last night when my sister and brother in law were here I noticed they were going to get rid of their old coffee table that had seen better days. Nice body and nice wood underneath though. I decided to take it and started envisioning what I could do with it. I actually found the exact coffee table refinished on Etsy. They had painted the bottom blue and the top they had stained a darker wood. I wanted something a little more understated for this piece.

There is no actual before picture. Bad blogger! BAD!

Half-way done…

And then it was all done…

Everything I used for this project I had on hand. Can of antique white trim paint (really lovely stuff that doesn’t drip), can of polyurethane, sandpaper, etc. And just a few hours of work.

I love how it turned out.

Not too bad for free!

2 thoughts on “A Productive Day

  1. Amazing! So cute! You make these things look so easy…I have projects that I would like to finish, but it seems impossible. 😛 I love, love, love the table that you redid. And the white desk is adorable!

    1. Seriously, Christina, it’s easier than it seems. I used to be paralyzed by these things. Once I harnessed the power of the electric sander… easy peasy. Haha! I think it’s only really hard when you have to sand everything by hand. And it’s also not perfect and I’m okay with that. That always helps.

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