Lambs Ear. It’s one of my favorite green leafy plants. If I lived in the time before Charmin I would grow this in large amounts. Somewhere near the outhouse. Really, it’s that soft.

Lamb’s Ear. It’s the ear of a lamb. Soft and downy. Deliciously floppy and waiting to be petted incessantly. (Who can pet a thing as soft as a lamb’s ear only once?)

I found this piece of artwork on the computer after leaving my son alone in the room with the computer for a little longer than I should have. I try to be careful about that because, let’s face it, the internet is a nasty smutty old place.

I came back and found this image and guffawed chuckled to myself and thanked the LORD that this was the kind of thing my kid does on the computer when I’m out of eyeshot.

I’m under no illusion that the temptations won’t come around and that he won’t ever give in to what is out there at the click of a mouse or an innocent google search gone awry. But for now I am thankful. And for now I make sure to talk to him about why we are so careful about the internet and why stuff that you just see with your eyes can be so damaging to the soul.

In the mean time I’m just going to enjoy his love of irony and his delightful sense of humor.

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