Okay friends, this is a total freebie. Kefir makes the most wonderful facial. I have been using it for the past several nights and my face is happier than it’s ever been.

Seriously. It’s smiling. That’s how I know it’s happy.

A few months ago when my oldest son was struggling through multiple cases of Strep throat I was seeking immune boosting remedies. I had heard tons of great stuff about home cultured milk kefir. A friend of mine had some kefir grains that were ready to be shared. So when he heard that we needed some immune help he readied us a jar and we met up for a kefir hand-off.

That was the beginning of my love affair with Kefir. Real kefir. Not the wimpy stuff you get at the store. Store bought kefirs generally have far, far fewer strains of probiotics (bacteria) in them.

So I’ve been having some skin issues with my face over the past several months. Stubborn, stubborn chin hormones wreaking all sorts of angry red havoc on my poor sad little countenance.

Since I know of the vast array of health benefits associated with the kefir I’ve been so happily consuming every day for months now I wondered how it would possibly help my angry chin.


I was amazed at how quickly I saw the improvements!

My face was radiant (in the good, non-toxic way) and incredibly soft and my zits were noticeably less noticeable! Tiny… almost totally gone. All. in. one. night.

Crazy, right?

What do you need to do? 

First you need to attain live kefir grains. Lots of people who culture their own milk kefir have plenty of grains to spare. Some people sell them. Others (like me) offer it free to their friends who are interested. (I also feed excess to my dog who has a lot of skin problems as well.)

Second, read up on Kefir. (Professor Google will help you.)

Third, start culturing and enjoying it! You won’t get the most out of your Kefir experience if you just slather it on your face. It would be a sad waste of Kefir to just use it for your face. The stuff is amazing and super duper good for you. It’s super food, people. Super, I say. Read up on Dom’s for all you need in order to begin culturing. It’s EASY. And when I say EASY, I mean… EASY (duh!)

Do a little Googling and you will find a million things to do and make with your Kefir. Also check out my Kefir & Crunchy Pinterest Board. Here are some of the things we’ve made with our Kefir:

  • Drink it plain (or with honey or pure maple syrup and cinnamon as in picture above. YUM.)
  • Fruit Smoothies
  • Popsicles (the possibilities are endless)
  • spreadable cheese
  • Ranch Dip
  • Pancakes
  • Replace sour cream on burritos/tacos
  • The list goes on and on

 Now you can think about rejuvenating your face with Kefir!

  1. Pull your hair back and secure with a loose ponytail. (Loose because you need to be comfortable enough to sleep with it up.)
  2. Put a clean cotton pillow case on your pillow. Something you don’t care a whole lot about. It won’t get ruined but you know… if you love your satin pillowcase like I do, you probably don’t want to get Kefir on it.
  3. Wash your face with your regular face wash. Dry it too.
  4. Stir your Kefir a little bit so you get a good mixture of the curds and whey and then pour a small amount into a tiny bowl or shallow cup like a shot glass.
  5. Take some of your Kefir on your fingertips and start smearing it on your face. Smear, smear, smear just like you would with any other face mask. Make sure you get a good amount on the problem areas of your face.
  6. Go to sleep.
  7. Wake up in the morning (or if you’re like me, in the middle of the night when that crusty feeling is starting to get a little bit annoying), wash it off and wipe your face with a clean damp face cloth.

I could not believe how amazing my face felt and how improved my problem chin appeared after the first night of using the Kefir facial. One of the reasons this works so well is the high lactic acid content in Kefir. It is a well-known “descaler, soap-scum remover and antibacterial agent” — all features which make it great for skin. Not to mention Kefir is chock full of vitamins and nutrients.


6 thoughts on “Best Recent Discovery: Kefir Facial

  1. Also very good on cuts and scrapes, as I proved to myself. Really helped heal a long-standing mystery rash, too. It’s GREAT stuff in so many ways!

  2. To make kefir is very simple- buy unhomogenized milk and for a few days put it in a warm place ( in the cupboard for example) and voila!- you have a kefir. I dont buy any grains- simple home cultured by putting milk in a warm place is the quickest and natural way. My grandparents lived in a willage they never had a fridge but had cows and goats and made all milk products- natural healthy and organic themselves, no rocket science 🙂

  3. Thanks for this info. I have never heard of it before.do you ever give your live grains away or do you know the best way to obtain them?

  4. tnx sister ! but i have 3 questions! 1= when u saying put kefir on ur face u mean the kefir grains or the kefir yoghurt?(the product we get after puting grains in milk) 2- they say dont put the mask for more that 15 min. its diffrent for kefir? for how long should we keep in on? (best mode) 3- is it ok to mix other thing with kefir? like honey and turmik and wheat germ ?

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