I’m officially a chicken lady. I’ve always been a little cuckoo but now it’s official. I am cuckoo for chickens.


We rent a house on the lot that my parents own and live on. The garden in the yard has become my passion, along with the chickens. Mom and Dad had two chickens that had been given to them by my brother a few years earlier. Those chickens… well, they are no more. Let’s just say that.

We knew early in the Summer that we wanted to start with a fresh flock of baby chicks so we did a lot of research on chicken breeds and settled on the variety that we liked the best for temperaments, egg color and beauty.

Here were our choices…

Cuckoo Marans

Columbian Wyandotte

Rhode Island Red


Speckled Sussex

Barred Plymouth Rock

We ordered them online from mypetchicken.com After months of anticipation, our chicks finally arrived at just two days old. It was a very exciting day. We got the call at 6:50 in the morning and promptly got up and headed to the post office. The older two boys had online classes so just the younger two came along to pick up the new babies.


We could hear them cheeping from across the building. It’s just not every day that you get to pick up a box full of adorable little living fluff balls. We took that box up into our arms…


And loaded their cheeping little selves into the car for the ride home.


Sadly, we lost one in transit. The Barred Plymouth Rock did not make it. Her name was Mayflower. We will miss you, Mayflower.

The rest of them were very vocal about how rough the trip was.


Very vocal. And very pathetic.


Oh, and very adorable.

This one is either the Welsummer or the Speckled Sussex. They are very similar so we haven’t named either of them yet. One will be Willa and the other will be Susie.


When we found out that Mayflower hadn’t survived the voyage we decided to fill her spot with another chick from the feed store since we had to run by there and pick up a few things anyway. Mayflower’s replacement is an Ameraucana (or Easter Egger) and will lay blueish/greenish eggs. Her name is Bonnie.


This is Dottie, the Columbian Wyandotte. This was my favorite breed just from the looks of them when they are mature. She will be a beautiful bird. What’s even better is that she is already the sweetest in temperament and gleefully jumps onto my hand to eat and fall asleep in it.


This is Providence, the Rhode Island Red. She is my oldest’s particular favorite. She’s the scrawniest out of the bunch. I hope she proves hearty in the end. She is a real cutie and my boy would be heartbroken if she doesn’t prove to be plucky enough.


This is Crazy Mary, the Cuckoo Marans. (You don’t pronounce the s at the end, by the way. It’s a French thing.) She’s super cute and lives up to her name sometimes. She should end up being a “chocolate” egg layer. Super dark brown eggs. I can’t wait. I love pretty eggs!


Baby chicks are so stinkin’ cute!

I just can’t get over them.


Now they are already a week old (Bonnie is a good week older than the other chicks as you can probably tell) and they are all getting their real feathers in and starting to get taller and less timid.







They’re like human babies almost. Pretty much just eat and poop and make a lot of noise and look cute. We check on them at least 5 times a day and change their floor covering out (I call it “changing their diapers”) morning and evening. They’ll be moving outdoors in about 2 months.

Meanwhile we are gardening, homeschooling like crazy and I am shooting a ton of weddings. As much as things are far from perfect, I am so thankful for all of God’s provisions… and for this blessed life.

I just made it even more official by subscribing to Urban Farm Magazine since they have a discount code promotion right now for just $4.50 per year (6 issues.) Chick it out!   Use coupon code 4556. Thanks to Mavis at 100 Dollars a Month for passing on this deal!

P.S. Go visit Mavis at her blog. She is a riot. I adore her blog!

3 thoughts on “I’m a Chicken Lady

  1. It’s amazing how cute baby chicks are but how gross/freaky/nasty grown-up chickens turn out! I’ve had a chicken phobia since forever…those little heads and giant bodies and sharp claws…*shiver*!

    1. haha! I love hens. They can really be quite personable and intelligent! 🙂 They do have to grow on a person though. I used to feel the same way.

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