That’s what my husband calls me. Tawanda.

Remember Fried Green Tomatoes? When Kathy Bates goes berserk, repeatedly ramming her hoopty-mobile into the car of the pernicious youthful mocker who had cut her off in the parking lot of the Piggly Wiggly? (Or was it Winn-Dixie? I can’t keep my southern supermarkets straight.) Or when she decided that she needed to remodel her house and before you knew it she was wielding, with great pleasure, a sledgehammer and letting the light shine into the darkness of her depressing living room and life?

I love that movie. I may have to watch it tonight.

Speaking of movies and going all out I am totally caught up with the British airing of Downton Abbey (YES! Season 3!). {It’s amazing what you can find for free on the internet!} Oh, how I love that show. So much so that I bought it during a Target trip that was really about cleaning supplies and proceeded to watch about 3 or 4 episodes a night (even though I’d seen them all before) and went to bed around 2 a.m. for several nights. Oops.

Any other Downton fans?

Speaking of Bates. Back to Kathy and her penchant for going awesomely postal.

Anyways, she shouts, “TAWANDA!!!!” when she is about to let her inner middle-aged mother ninja of awesomeness come out. So that is what my husband often calls me because he sees the gleam in my eye when I pick up a pick-axe or a sledgehammer or a rototiller.

Translation: I don’t do things halfway. He also sometimes calls me, “Extreme.” Whatever. Thorough is the word. I have a thoroughness gene.

I’m not sure where I get this gene. Hey, look at the chicken coop my Dad is building!

I have been a busy woman lately. Homeschooling the young’uns (goin’ great!), wedding photography on the weekends (busy!!), raising chickens (they are SO big now! Update with pictures coming soon!) … and gardening like a crazy woman.

This is my first time growing a winter garden. So far we’ve planted several varieties of cabbage, kale, broccoli, brussel sprouts, baby bok choy, spinach, lettuces and lots of herbs. Yesterday I rototilled, amended and planted artichokes. Today I mulched all of the beds with straw, pulled out all of our 8 tomato plants, cleaned out the boxes, amended and tilled the soil and mulched it so they will be ready for the veggies that we just ordered today. (After which I collapsed on my couch most dramatically and nearly expired in a veritable pool of my own perspiration. I’m fancy.)

Earlier today we hopped over to and bought Sweet Treat Carrots, Broccoli Raab and (and here is where I get really excited!) Italian Early Garlic and Dutch Yellow Shallots! Crazy how much you pay for shallots in the grocery store. If they are as easy to grow as they are purported to be, I will be very, very happy!

I find myself looking for all sorts of new things to do in the garden. I think I have discovered the thing which makes me the happiest. Okay… the things. Plural. Other than my family and faith of course… Chickens and Gardens. They grow, they produce, the are alive! So much more enjoyable than say… doing dishes. Blech.

Are you a gardener? Where is your happy place?

2 thoughts on “I’m Tawanda

  1. Hey, either I am old(which I am), or you just have way more energy than me(which, apparently, you do). Love your blog. You should add writing to your many talents.

  2. I wish I knew! (Where is my happy place…)
    Such a great post. 🙂 And I think at the end of most days,”Ooohhh! I am one day closer to getting to see Downton Abbey again!!” haha You are most clever to have figured out what you did!

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