I’m sort of actually misquoting a malapropism once made by my then three year old. He was jumping and spinning circles on my bed when he declared with a pirouette, “I’m a Ballaweiner!” Also known as a Ballerina. Conflicting visions of Oscar Meyer Hotdogs smothered in mustard and onions wearing tutus and toe shoes danced through my head.

I sort of think it would actually make a great Halloween costume. I like confusing people with costumes.


I had actually convinced all my children, at one point this Fall, to go as things like empty toilet paper rolls, magnified scabs, a macro-sized human hair, a zit possibly, a single rolled oat… maybe even a cardboard box. Let’s just say that when it comes to Halloween I am a fan of irony. OH… What about an iron?! With the letter Y stamped on it. Iron-Y.


I mean, who out there doesn’t think that Scout going as a Ham in To Kill a Mockingbird wasn’t the BEST costume ever? It was. Second to a ham is Daniel-Son as a shower in the slightly lesser literary work, The Karate Kid.


But instead they ended up going as an iPod Classic (which was a pretty big hit), a classic nerd, an army guy with glasses (everyone wanted to wear glasses), and Mr. Fredrickson from the movie UP (another huge hit).


The oldest worked at a church festival while the three youngest went Trick-or-Treating.




I had the kids carve pumpkins the week before Halloween. Of course they had fun coming up with their designs.




We bought our pumpkins at the grocery store because we’re fancy like that.

And I made a new yummy recipe with the seeds. Oh my yumness!

I have one little problem though.

I never seem to remember the correct timeline for pumpkin carving. This year the pumpkins told me with their very sad, mold-oozing faces that I had once again guessed the wrong timing for carving.

2 thoughts on “I’m a Halloweiner

  1. Now THAT was a scary ending! 🙂
    And goodness, your boys are so cute!!
    I also want to know how you get non-blurry pictures in the dark, and pictures with bokeh in the background and two clear faces that aren’t exactly on the same plane!!

    1. @Christina Thanks! I sorta like ’em too. 😉 My little camera is amazing in low light conditions with higher ISOs. It’s a Fujifilm X100 and it’s pretty much phenomenal. I use it almost all the time unless I’m shooting portraits. As for bokeh but more than one clear face, I just choose my aperture and the distance from my subjects carefully. If the background spots of light that create bokeh are at a good distance there will be a good bokeh even at a slightly higher F-stop. I can’t remember what my aperture was on that one shot at the moment but the lower your F-stop the further back you need to be from your subjects in order to have a larger focal plane.

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