I’m not sure what happened. It’s all a blur. I went to the feed store innocently seeking a few bags of chick feed and somehow I accidentally came home with 10 pounds of chick feed, 2 little rats and 5 pounds of rat food.


You are probably now EEEKing or (like me) AWWWing.


I had several pet rats, growing up.

Checkers was the first. Then Emmy. She was my favorite childhood pet ever. Sweet as could be. Then Faith, Hope, Charity and Oh, I can’t remember the last one’s name from that batch. Then in high school I had Andi and finally Daisy. Daisy was the sweetest ever. One day I secretly took her to school in the pocket of my hoodie and she happily stayed in there nibbling on seeds and nuts all day long.

Well, the apples don’t fall far from the tree, I’m afraid, and it seems that all of my boys love the ratties as much as I do. And they very sweetly named the new babies after my two favorite rats, Emmy and Daisy.

Emmy is super affectionate and very curious and bold, making friends with Bruce even.


Daisy is a Dumbo breed (see her adorably enormous laid back ears?). She is still quite young and more timid.


So, I realize that sharing these pictures with you might do to you what snakes or spiders might do to some. But I gotta be me. Not only am I a chicken lady and a cat lady and a dog lady, but I’m also a rat lady. Basically, I’m very glamorous and my husband is the best man on earth for loving me through it all.


3 thoughts on “Awww rats!

  1. You’re awesome! I could never be all those kinds of ladies, but…I admire you for it. 🙂 (I’m not glamorous, either, so don’t think that’s what I’m getting at!)

  2. I found a new friend. I had pet chickens, mice, guinea pig, and rats growing up. Rats were my favorite. When I moved to Washington State as a caretaker to my mother, I got another rat I named Ozma. I girl I babysat for, fell in love with her, so I gave Ozma to her. Her mother also grew up with rats. They have great personalities, don’t they. My rat would come when she was called. Love the pics.

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