Look how pretty they are!

Check out those long sexy chicken legs. (Avert your eyes if you’re salivating. These girls are not for your consumption, you chicken-oglers!!)

Crazy Mary, So young and so pretty;

It really is terribly sad.

And that’s why I write this short little ditty,

Just because It’s a pity she’s mad.

Actually she’s no crazier than the rest of them but she does have the best name. She’s down near the bottom of the pecking order. Just above Dottie.

Each of the girls has such a unique personality (or in Crazy Mary’s case, personalities). We can definitely tell where they all fall in the pecking order. Fortunately no one is really getting terribly hen-pecked. They all know their place sans blood loss.

Dottie (the white one) is STILL working on getting her feathers in. She’s a very late bloomer. So, help me out… does this mean we can delay having “the talk” with her? Because we’ll have to tell her where eggs come from. And hello. AWKWARD. (We eat those things!!)

They love their humongous chicken mansion (or as a friend of ours calls it, “The freakin’ Taj Mahal!”) complete with indoor plumbing. Hey… the plumber’s chickens gotta have plumbed water!

Providence, our Rhode Island Red, is definitely the most personable. She is the most likely to come and sit next to you. And, as it turns out, she’s also the most likely to climb up on you and make herself at home on your bosom.

By the way, this is my lovely Mom with whom I share gardening and chickening duties, as well as friendship and many personality traits.

3 thoughts on “The girls are growing up!

  1. Your chickens are lovely in a chickeny way, and your mom is very lovely too…and she certainly handled a chicken perching on her bosom much better than I ever would have (read: messy pants for me).

  2. you and my daughter and your chickens. Oh my. She love her chickens.
    Unfortunately they moved and had some problems with dogs and chickens getting killed.
    Things are running smooth now. And she bought MORE chickens, too.

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