I am just running out the door for dinner but I have to shout this from the mountain tops.



I have just started sewing a few weeks ago and me? I don’t like to stay in Kindergarten for very long so I jumped right to the three dimensional narwhals. I’m impatient. What can I say.


I’ll post more about my sewing adventures later. As it is, I’m already late heading out the door!


3 thoughts on “I made a narwhal!!

  1. That? Is awesome. I only wish I had a picture to show you of the puma I tried to make for one of Christian’s projects (with him, of course). It ended up a head and body, with no ears. There were legs, but they never managed to get attached to the body. It was pretty…great in a terrible way. Christian actually loved it. He carried it around and swung it. I’m trying to remember if it had a tail? Finally, it met its end; I put it out of its misery (and mine) and put it in the garbage can.

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