We sure do miss our sweet doggy, Bruce. What a gentle friend he was to my boys… and to me over the years.

He was an indoor dog which meant he really was part of the family. And even though most of the time he was just lying around the house like a farting, snoring piece of furniture, he at least was like an old beloved piece of furniture of which you had become terribly fond no matter how old it had gotten. You know… the kind that the room feels naked without. But he was, of course, more than a piece of furniture. He was a faithful buddy, following me around, cleaning up after us in the kitchen, barking at strangers and checking on us at night.

But most of all, he was just a sweet, sweet friend to my boys. He made them all into dog lovers. And for that I am very, very grateful.


My nieces came over on Bruce’s last day with us to say goodbye. They loved Bruce so much and, between his full-body wagging and rolling over for belly rubs, you could tell how much he loved all of them back. The little one had a particular love for him. “My cute little Brucie!” she would say.

I wonder if dogs know when something sad is on the horizon… I think they do. I do believe they are more concerned with comforting their sad people than they are for themselves.

I really just wanted to share a selection of some of our old favorite photos of Bruce, one last time.

We’re not quite sure how… but a lovely little fern has indeed appeared over Bruce’s grave to the amazement of his boys.

He was, after all, a very good dog.


While we are still sad about our dog, we have life and death firmly in perspective.  We know very well that so many people in the world – specifically people dear to our hearts – are enduring such deep and intense grief today and every day. Above all, our hearts grieve and pray with them today. We wait with them for that day when all will be made new and “all of the sad things will come undone.” Come, Lord Jesus, come.

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