Well, if you are reading this (and if you have visited my blog for any period of time, you faithful few!!) you know that I up and moved. I had been on a self-hosted site for about three or four years. But I have since really slowed down my posting rate. Life takes over! And I try to only say something when I have something worth saying. I decided that I definitely could find a better use for that money that I was paying for blog hosting. Fortunately, I was able to keep my same old URL and that won’t change. Blah blah blah.

Here we are.

In the process of migrating my blog over, most of my pictures from the past couple of years did not survive the voyage. I had them all linked directly to Flickr because I actually believed that would keep losing them on the blog impossible. Unfortunately it worked the opposite way. As the pictures all still exist, I simply just have manually reinstall them in all of my older posts which will take… like 100 years pretty much. So as you meander through my blog, be aware that all of the little black boxes that you see represent really lovely photos (or really goofy… or lame, depending on their age!) And realize that this blog, like myself, is a work in progress. And it’s okay if we’re a little messy for a while.

Thanks for being here! Thanks for visiting for the first time or for returning once again.

And because I have to post a picture in every post or I will die, here is my Christmas card that I only sent to people by way of using it as my Facebook timeline cover. Classsssay!

merry christmas

What are your thoughts?

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