I read a post this week about over-sharing on the internet. It was convicting. I also read another post warning us to not feel pressured to share pictures of Jesus and kitties just in case we are afraid we will show a lack of love or respect for those things if we don’t. Furthermore, sharing these images and liking these pages can be a really bad idea anyways. It’s okay, Jesus knows you love him even if you don’t share his pictures on Facebook. And the kitties don’t mind either.

Let’s just say I was inspired.

Meatloaf Jesus Kitties Sharing Facebook Image
Meatloaf says you shouldn’t share dumb pictures on Facebook because you are afraid that if you don’t people will doubt your faith or your love for kitties.

We all need to heed Meatloaf’s words of wisdom when it comes to sharing posts, pages and pictures on Facebook and other social media sites.

3 thoughts on “On the subject of Over-Sharing

  1. This made me giggle. I often consider deactivating my Facebook account because I really think it causes me as much frustration as anything else. I like to read little blips about other people’s lives…but just not so much of every. single. thing. Sometimes I think,”Do we live on the same planet?” 🙂

    1. And just for the record, I totally do not get Instagram. I’ve tried. I’m an Instagram failure. :/ I would be the one sharing my not-so-perfect life in my horrible Instagram photos. Hmph.

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