I used Grammarly to grammar check this post because I am suffering from Summer-induced Grammnesia. It’s a serious ailment, common to homeschool moms (and maybe any teacher), wherein your ability to find and detect grammatical errors has been temporarily debilitated due to the summer heat and sudden onset of freedom.

Speaking of homeschooling, we are still puttering along. Well, we are taking a nice summer hiatus for a few weeks but will attempt to maintain a little bit of our math skills and improve our handwriting through little bits of daily practice. I’ve actually noticed that since I type almost everything all the time, my handwriting has gotten atrocious. It’s embarrassing. So I am doing cursive practice with the boys.

I don’t know about yours, but my kids actually get bored when they have too much zero time. Zero as in zero structure. I think a nice bit of zero time is actually good for them, especially during the summer because they fill that zero with a whole lot of somethings. One of them, for example, is teaching himself how to whittle and carve. He has already made two beautiful walking sticks this summer. But I really do think they still need to maintain a little bit of structure. Otherwise, they are tempted to spend all 104 days of Summer vacation watching Phineas and Ferb reruns.

We’re also trying to get out and get more exercise. We LOVE hiking. A few weeks ago we took the boys to one our favorite places in the world, Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park. It’s where Shawn and I had our first conversation. It’s also where I first thought of marrying him. Yup… I thought about it when I first talked to him.

We had so much fun. I love it that the kids are all old enough now to really appreciate hiking. And they have great endurance. It wasn’t long ago that we’d go half a mile before they all started crying about their feet hurting and wanting to go somewhere better. Now, they just love nature and exercise and being with the family as much as we do. This was one of the best days in my recent memory. It was just lovely. And did you see Poppy? Look how big she’s getting! She wouldn’t cooperate and look at the camera though, the little turkey.

Since this post is completely random and newsy already, I have to share a few random goodies!

Look! My friend, Beki, wrote a book and is selling it in her shop! Beki, at The Rusted Chain, is up there amongst my most favorite internet friends. I love her heart. I love how open she is. I love her creativity and her art. And I love that she asked me to help her work on this book project of hers! Go buy yourself a copy right now! If you are really fast (they might already all be gone), the first 100 people who buy the book will get a special jewelry gift with it! Additionally, our sweet friend, Ree – The Pioneer Woman, wrote the sweetest back cover blurb for the book. I love that girl. So blessed to know both of these ladies!


Okay, and then there is this giveaway over at The Ivey League. Bridget is a sweetheart and Lisa from Studio Jewel is an amazingly talented artisan. I absolutely love her jewelry, particularly her wedding sets.

How do I manage to have so many cool friends on the internet? I don’t really know. I’m just a Normal Nancy.

Normal Nancy. That’s me. Actually sometimes when I find that I want to give away my photography skills too much, I call myself Nice Nancy because I just love making people happy. It’s nice for friendship but not so nice for business. You can’t stay in business if you are always going to be a Nice Nancy. You have to charge what you are worth… something very important that I am learning as I build up my own wedding and birth photography company in the bay area. And I’m excited about where things are headed!

Speaking of such things, I am so happy to tell you that I shot my first wedding for Nan D Photography this past weekend and it went SO well! The wedding was in a lovely little chapel and the reception was a perfect Pinterest backyard reception. Check out the blog post over at my Nan D Photography blog!

San Francisco bay area wedding photographer nan d photography photo San Francisco bay area wedding photographer nan d photography photo

San Francisco bay area wedding photographer nan d photography photo

San Francisco bay area wedding photographer nan d photography photo

San Francisco bay area wedding photographer nan d photography photo

San Francisco bay area wedding photographer nan d photography photo

I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding as my kickoff! Thankful for the great deal of experience I have been able to build up over the past few years while working at A Perfect Impression Photography in Danville, California (Love it that several of my photos are still up on their website too!) and at the same time,  glad to be out on my own. I am able to really provide the kind of personalized attention to my clients that I want to give. I love being able to have that level of interaction with the bride and groom before the wedding day that I was never able to have before. I am finding that the relationship built up throughout the whole process, from the time a client contacts me right up to the wedding day is so important. I wouldn’t trade it!

Phew. Dizzying, right? I hope you were able to keep up with my randomness!

What are your thoughts?

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