My writerly muscles have atrophied. But I have to say it’s not because nothing has been happening and it’s not because I have nothing to say.

We have moved! Shawn has returned to full time church ministry and is now Associate Pastor at a PCA church in New Jersey. Never imagined I’d be a Jersey Girl but here I am! It’s a crazy tale how we came to be here. It weaves through Facebook and online friendships that predate Facebook. It’s been an amazing journey.

We arrived here in late March with a place to live all lined up. But that fell through quite suddenly. We had to put all of our belongings in storage and look for another place to live and we have been living with friends ever since. We are so excited and thankful for how God has provided.

We are supposed to close on our new-to-us house (almost 100 years old!) in just about a week. We will have a number of projects to do to get it to be homey. Since I really want to start blogging and writing more, but can’t figure out just how to begin, I’ll just begin with the making of a house into our home.

Here is the place.


I love it.

Meanwhile, we’ve been loving getting to know our new home on the East Coast.

The county park nearby


My first time in New York City.


The kids doing chores at The “Lippincottage.”


Loveliness on a morning walk.


The boys have practically lived in the creek that runs behind The Lippincottage.


Our first time to the Atlantic Ocean!


Backyard bubbles.


What are your thoughts?

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