Well, I know that you basically just get a ton of silence from me here and then suddenly I just pop out of the woodwork and dump a bunch of unrelated pictures on you. I can’t help it. I’ve been less writerly, more picturely and just generally more busy with life and there is no way around it. I will eventually write more again and I look forward to when it starts to happen. But in the mean time I’m just going to keep popping in and saying hello and unloading a random smattering of photos upon you. I posted these on my professional photography site earlier but wanted to share a few here too!

charliecat (24 of 28)

charliecat (19 of 28)

charliecat (13 of 28)

charliecat (14 of 28)

On a side note, we are now really considering ourselves cat people. Truth be told, I’ve always been a dog person. Like deep, down in my soul of souls, I’m a dog person. But since moving here and having kids grow up into teenagers, re-entering a place where winter lives, etc. etc. it’s just not in the cards for us to be dog people again for what I think will be a really, really long time. So Charlie is sort of my little notice of acceptance of this change of reality.

But I have to say… we still miss Bruce the most.

What are your thoughts?

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