We humans love shiny new stuff. We want to consume it. We want to be it. To heck with this growing old business. We are dying for life to stop doing that highly annoying entropy thing. Dying for a piece of forever to make its home with us, plant its eternity seed and make it so that we never grow old.

We long for eternity and when we get new things it feels like a beginning, and beginnings fill us with inexplicable hope. Hope lays aside all that has gone before and opens its arms to the wind’s changing direction. All that has happened before is now one of a million troughs or peaks on a pile of old life graphs. The peaks inevitably led to troughs and the troughs inevitably didn’t last forever as they seemed they would. But new things seem to make us believe in peaks again even as we begin to see the light from somewhere on the upper forward facing edge of the trough.

What are your thoughts?

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