Eliminating people who have genetic anomalies such as Down Syndrome is not the same as eliminating a disease, such as cancer by finding a cure. Such seemingly benign euphemisms for the targeted killing of people with different abilities is precisely the domain of Nazis and eugenicists.

Here’s what I think needs to be done for the people of Iceland. There needs to be a massive worldwide conference for people with Down Syndrome, expectant parents of a child with Down Syndrome, and other loved ones held right in downtown Reykjavik. A beautiful warm-hearted event the likes of which Iceland or the world may have never seen. A love offensive. It would involve seminars, courses, dances, meet and greets, art exhibits, talent shows, games, local tours, TED-like talks by impressive individuals with DS, vendor booths, job search assistance, educational resources, and more… and this would last a full week so that the community couldn’t help but be blessed by both the financial rewards of hosting and the people that would be there…

How do you think such an epic event would affect the people of Iceland and their views on eradicating these precious individuals?

What are your thoughts?

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