My husband just had to bid farewell to a pretty snazzy suit that didn’t survive the moths that we never even saw. We couldn’t exactly mount the appropriate offensive against them since we didn’t know they were there! But I can’t stand, hate, loathe, and despise the smell of mothballs. They cause a visceral recoil reflex in me that rivals that of the sight of a snake.

That was a rabbit trail now, wasn’t it? Because my only real point was to say that I would love to pull this old blog out of mothballs and dust off the old keyboard, maybe reinvigorate my love for writing. The only way to start writing after a prolonged hiatus is of course to just… start writing… whether it’s any good or not!

My oldest son is neck deep in the college application process. We took a significant step and actually visited a school that is not within driving distance.

This whole college application process is really rather for the birds. (Speaking of birds, how cute is this baby?!)

This is most definitely our first rodeo, so we are learning all the pitfalls and blunders the same way the pros do, that is by doing all of them. Or at least some of them. Hopefully by the time we do this all again in two years we will have had a few of these jagged edges chiseled off.

What are your thoughts?

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