Scratching my head over our collective disgust at Weinsteinism in a culture that typically laughs off pornography addiction and the rank objectification of women.

Don’t get me wrong… it is disgusting and unacceptable. And totally not new. And there are probably a paltry few women who can’t say “me too,” but I would ask, are you fighting the one-dimensional drug that is fundamentally linked to this three-dimensional real-life expression?

Men, are you prizing the women in your life as more than merely a means to an end? Husbands, are you expressing your disdain for sexism and harassment in the workplace by covenanting with your eyes and your heart for your own wife alone? Fathers, are you teaching your sons in word and deed to honor their future wife by being faithful to her, body and soul, even before meeting her?

This brokenness begins and ends in the heart.

These are the facts. We cannot blithely wave off this societal cancer as “boys being boys” while decrying sexual harassment in the workplace, school, or anywhere else “out there.” Porn is corrosive and destructive to relationships. We cannot accept it as normative, in ourselves or anyone else, and then shame people for being jerks in the workplace. (Oh, they should indeed be dealt with for that.) But my point is this: there is a connection between private thoughts and inappropriate public expressions such as we are hearing about in one another’s feeds. Corrosives never stay neatly contained.

This is not to suggest that you should just carry on as usual when encountering sexual harassment in the workplace or the public sphere in general, whether against you or someone you know. This is also not to take away from any attempt to bring attention to the fact that it is indeed rampant. The #metoo campaign has been eye-opening for many and not at all shocking for most women.

For us to pretend that pornography and sexual harassment are completely separate issues is willful ignorance. If you are a man trapped in the prison of your own making, know that there is healing. There is restoration. Don’t believe the lies that your heart is telling you that you will never be free of this.

What are your thoughts?

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