So several months back my wedding band broke (again) and I lost a diamond. Boo. I decided that instead of paying a couple of hundred dollars to have the diamond replaced I wanted to see if I could have the ring re-cast. Part of the reason for this is that I have decided me and rings with prongs don’t mix. Apparently I’m too “hard core,” as my husband calls it.

We talked to a local jeweler about possibilities and it would have cost almost as much as a brand new ring to have him do it. I decided to go rogue and just replace the ring with an emerald solitaire set in a more protective bezel (I have always wanted an emerald ring). I wanted one that had the simple hammered look so I spent a while searching for just what I had in mind. I found an artist on Etsy whose gorgeous work I couldn’t stop looking at. I settled on the ring I wanted and got it. (It cost just a little bit more than having the original ring fixed would have).

I loved it so much I decided to ask him if he could recast my wedding ring into a new band and include one tiny diamond from my original ring. We worked it out so that he was able to use the remainder of the diamonds in other works to sell so that he didn’t actually have to charge me anything to recast my ring! I sent all of my rings in the mail (hello. nerve racking!) to him while he was home in the states. He traveled back to Spain with them and worked on them, sending me progress photos along the way and updating me with what he thought he could do and what we may need to rethink. Despite civil unrest in his area keeping the post from going out on time, I finally got them in the mail today! And I LOVE THEM!

I love that the bottom two rings are made from the gold and one diamond of my old ring (we have history). I love that it has a hammered/weathered look (we’ve weathered a lot together in 20 years and the marks God has hammered into us have made our marriage that much more beautiful). I love that the main stone is more “ordinary” than a diamond, and is flawed like almost all natural emeralds (we are ordinary people with visible flaws). I love that the gold is a purer form than my older rings (we are being refined in this life together).

What are your thoughts?

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