Excited. Cheerful. A little wide-eyed

but you don’t know why because

you’re called and equipped and

assured that God’s at your side.

You don’t understand, dear friend,

that today you walk into the vapor

of Satan’s breath,

into the very jaws of death.

Why at your steps do tremble

the very gates of hell?

They quake for they know they will not prevail

and every arrow they fashion and aim will fail.

Dear friend, do you not know?

To those trembling gates you’re a threat,

an incarnational harbinger of the Not Yet.

For you draw near to them, not in strength or

warrior dress, but carrying the very Light

of the World within your broken vessel.

Satan knows you’re not alone on this battlefield,

that you’re covered by a heavenly shield,

that his greatest fear, a Risen Savior,

is the singular weapon you wield.

Dear sister, your weak and trembling flesh

will be trodden on, dismantled, and pressed.

For he would love to sift you like wheat

and set you ablaze in the furnace he heats.

Your pilgrim shoes will wear thin for all the

battles they’ll be in and there will be days

when your cries are your only sacrifice of praise.

But this is the call. This is the way of the cross.

This is the way you must walk despite the inestimable cost.

So walk on your knees, friend, walk on your knees.

(To the wife of a new minister)

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