I realized that I haven’t shared a photo of my boys on here for a very long time! If there happens to be anyone who has followed this oft-forgotten blog for 10+ years, I would be amazed!

The boys are BIG. The oldest (far right) is 17 and about to graduate high school. He’s been accepted into some pretty excellent engineering programs as well as some good merit scholarships, which is very exciting of course, but he’s still not quite sure where he is going. (Why, oh why, does college have to be so absurdly expensive?! Even with scholarships!) He works at Bobby’s Burger Palace as a server. The second (far left) is 16, and like his older brother, is enjoying earning money at his first job (Qdoba), right next door to his brother at the mall. The third (second from the right) is 14 and barreling towards high school. Loves school! The youngest is 12 and in 6th grade. Talks a mile a minute as he always has. He also works really hard in school. They have all been attending The Wilberforce School for the past three years (4 for the oldest). It’s been the most amazing experience for all of them and they have thrived there. Next year though, they will all most likely be attending our local public school. Change is the only thing that is predictable in life, yes? It’s hard to believe how quickly time flies!

What are your thoughts?

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