My favorite verse. This is how the Sovereign Lord loves his children. Yes, his willful, disobedient, hard-hearted children who are never in short supply of ways to shake their fists at him. He exults over them. He rejoices over them with LOUD singing. Do you hear that? The one against whom you have railed is singing a loud song of rejoicing over you! I think we are not often guilty of imagining God singing at all, let alone loudly with reckless abandon. We are more likely to imagine him stern and judgmental calling balls and strikes from his throne.

Friends… no… if this is our vision of God then we have yet to fully experience the joy of repentance. The glory of being welcomed by a Father who gathers up his garment edges and runs down the road while we are yet far off just so he might embrace us and welcome us home. One might think all it takes to change this view of God is to try really hard at replacing one thought with the other. But that is a fool’s errand.

There is only one way to have our view of God change from one who is harsh and eager to smite us to that of one who is jubilantly singing a song of rejoicing over us, calming our hearts with his love, and that is by way of repentance and trust in his son, Jesus.

Somehow Easter lets us easily imagine the Father rejoicing over Jesus, doesn’t it? If we are hidden in Jesus, all of the judgment that we once feared has fallen on him, and the rejoicing of the Father over his son’s victory over death is now sung loudly over us.

This is grace.

What are your thoughts?

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