Shawn and I went on an impromptu journey this morning to purchase a bicycle built for two.

I read Courage, Dear Heart by Rebecca Reynolds aloud all the way there and back – almost four hours. The raw beauty, the depth, the unapologetic acceptance of complexity, the naming of real wounds… Several times I would just stop and reread a sentence over again, or say… “Who is this woman and how did she climb inside of my head?” But right here… right here my throat stopped cooperating and the tears flowed.

Courage, Dear Heart by Rebecca Reynolds

Three weeks ago my dad died suddenly on a vacation that he and my mom took yearly. And they were endlessly planning trips. So, this caught me in the throat for that reason alone. But the bigger story, the truest and best story, captured in each evocative vignette throughout this book is what really dazzles.

Rebecca… this is a masterpiece. I hope you know, as I finally put down the book when my voice started resembling a toad’s, that we both let out a sigh, tears rolling down my face, and we thought, “Surely she collapsed after finishing this…” It is clearly a labor of love, and one that I know the Lord will use in ways you could never imagine.

Thank you for your courage, dear heart.

What are your thoughts?

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