We must learn to love as Christ loves us.

Giving love. Being present for people in their hardest times. Being living sacrifices. And we must do it all without any expectation that they will be around for us in our loneliest or most painful experiences.

None of Jesus’s best friends stood by him or cried out for justice on his behalf. None of those whom he had healed or fed or brought back to life jumped in front of the whip as he was being flogged.

None of those with whom he’d wept and prayed stayed with him in the garden as he experienced the most extreme physical symptoms of stress and grief. He did all of those things, and more, alone. And he did those things alone so that we would *never* be alone.

As believers we very well may pour out our lives in love, and not with any kind of ill motives at all. But when we find ourselves walking through our darkest valleys without those whom we imagined would never leave us, and we find ourselves despairing, it becomes clear that we had put them in the place where only God can dwell.

We had believed they would never leave us nor forsake us. We had made people bigger than God.

We must learn to love like Jesus.

What are your thoughts?

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