Apartment ownership/management is not for the faint of heart. It’s hard work. I’m so proud of my mom, sister, brother in law, and nieces in their first “sans Dad” apartment turn-over.

My mom found out this was going to be vacated just a few days after Dad died. I was so worried this notification was going to overwhelm her. But, in true Tawanda/Olsson girl style she got the message, threw her victory fist up into the air and literally shouted, “Yes! I know exactly what to do!” because Dad had created a really clear and consistent pattern for her… and hand-wrote a book on how to do apartment management successfully in the way he (and his mom before him) had for many, many years.

I love that my Dad blessed mom not only with a lifelong source of income, but also a job that she now gets to make her own. What a gift a sense of renewed purpose is for a grieving heart. He gave her so much more than he knows.

My sister said, “My Dad would be proud of us. He wouldn’t have said that in as many words though.”

“Wow! Good job, Sand!” ((Shoulder squeeze)) ((head kiss)) ((pat pat pat)) ((shoulder squeeze-head lean)) Something like that!” Yes, he would be extremely proud.

What are your thoughts?

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