I love it that at Christmas so many people, even those who don’t believe, find themselves singing about a savior who came to earth as a baby, about a world long laid in sin, about a divine night when heaven broke through the night sky and proclaimed to the forgotten and the lowly, that the rightful king had been born.

I love it that even unbelieving tongues declare that we must rejoice, for the LORD is come, that he comes to make his glories known FAR AS THE CURSE IS FOUND. The song is proved even in the singing of his glory by those who have yet to believe. Why do these songs return so relentlessly? Why are they so hard to let go of even amongst so many who decry their message? Could it be that they are transfixing, not just musically? Could it be that hearts truly yearn to prepare him room? And even find it a worthy theme of which to sing even if the idea of God dwelling among us seems too perfect, too bizarre to be true? Music is such a powerful gift… it resonates deeply, beyond our minds and into our souls. Could this be why we are told so much in scripture to sing of his greatness? Words alone are needed and good. They chisel at our minds and shape and exercise our reasoning, but truth set to music… it shapes us… like water. Like a flood. It overwhelms, engulfs, fills voids, causes us to bulge with the wonder of Him… it restructures our hearts and minds in a completely different fashion than words without music.

Thankful this morning for how the message of Christmas, God incarnate, God come to suffer alongside us, The Kingdom of Heaven making its gloriously upside down debut that even the world that hates him cannot stop singing.

What are your thoughts?

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