It is the crushing of the serpent’s head by the Seed of the woman. The Seed that died and went into the ground and sprang up to new life. As James 1:18 says we are a kind of firstfruits. We are the buds on the tree of the new creation inaugurated when that shoot of Jesse sprung up from the earth. While he was the firstborn from among the dead, we follow in his train.

Think of the spreading thaw that took place in Narnia when Aslan returned. His stirring and the warmth of his breath woke up the dead earth. But that thaw spread around because life is a heat conductor.

Life breeds life. So the world is slowly thawing in the wake of the resurrection of Jesus. And we who have been thawed are now spreading the warmth and glow of new creation wherever we go, so that the thaw will continue until the whole earth is filled with his glory.

What are your thoughts?

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