It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in man. – Psalm 118:8

Put not your trust in mere people. This includes those whom you are naturally inclined to trust. Jesus is infinitely more trustworthy than any one person or entity to which you have given too much power in your life, be that your own heart or a person/people whose desire it is to control you rather than love you.

Proverbs 15:22 tells us that it is good to have many advisors, that plans often fail without them. This is good truth! But do not fall into the trap that a certain individual or a even a few ought to be given a trump card in your life, especially when you weigh their thoughts and find they are spiritually unwise or calling you to deny your conscience.

Are you walking with Jesus? Are you listening to his Holy Spirit? Are you consulting others who you know are in step with the Spirit and sensitive to his voice? In other words, have you seen them make choices to follow Jesus in ways that make no sense to the world? Have you seen God clearly use their surrendered life to his glory when it offered them no earthly security or personal gain in money or power? Have they walked through proverbial furnaces and come out rejoicing?

Those are the advisors you ought to seek, because they are following Jesus and doing the things he did. They are swearing to their own hurt. They are allowing hopes and plans to be buried because they know that only that which is laid to rest in Jesus will spring up imperishable.

Let no one lead you unless they are leading you to Jesus.

Those people will not tell you to simply trust them or imply that they inherently deserve such trust. They will model for you what it looks like to trust Jesus and pursue truth in light of him no matter the cost. They may never advise you in words unless asked… but you can know by observing their way of life that theirs is wisdom you ought to seek. Their wisdoms will most likely not be packaged and rehearsed. It often will not involve the painting of a perfectly tied up ending to your situation. Their advice will most likely accept that sometimes you only know you are doing the right thing if it hurts all the way through, like it did for Jesus.

What are your thoughts?

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