Gangsters go for the throat
The fingers
The knee caps

LiarThief goes for the throat
If he can silence the story tellers
He gets to spread his fakenews
“Death is winning every where. Might as well join up!”

Living, speaking, praising, praying
Is our sweet revenge

Writing another chapter about death in reverse

Among the Irish, that band of merry death jokers
Great honor goes to the warrior
And to the warrior with words, The Seanachie – the storyteller

Weaving threads of hope and honor in the warp and weft of dark dyed wool
They fight the dark
Pulling past into the future
Knowing that both sunset and dawn form the shift from light to dark
But we keep telling The Big Story
Giving us sight for what Time it is

We are of The Easter Morning Dawn
Living in that dark
Just before morning

LiarThief may stand on our necks
But the joke’s on him
We can see up his skirt
And we can’t stop laughing.

What are your thoughts?

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