Shawn has been preaching and teaching adults and young people of all ages in a variety of Christian settings (churches, schools, mission trips, camps, etc.) for over 25 years. He has also been playing guitar and leading worship for 33 years. If you would like him to speak or lead worship at your church, retreat, or school please contact us directly. Below you can listen to several of his sermons.

A King Like All The Nations
A Little Bit of Jesus Will Wreck Your Life
Abigail: Cool Head, Warm Heart
Behold Your King
Brothers, What Shall We Do?
Christ: Our Life, Our Glory, Our Future
Come to the Feast… Or Else
Dishonored Body
Dr. Paul: Heart Checks and Vaccinations for the Body of Christ
Eve: Mother, Sister, Neighbor
Even the Son of Man Doesn’t Know the Day or the Hour
Everlasting Father
Fall of the Gods
Find the Narrow Door
Fleeing to the True King
Flying Solo
God’s Rescue
Group Think or God’s Miracle
Growing a Heart of Wisdom
Growing a Heart of Wisdom: Laziness and Work
Growing a Heart of Wisdom: Lust and Sex
Growing a Heart of Wisdom: Parents
Growing a Heart of Wisdom: Political Leaders
Growing a Heart of Wisdom: Scoffers
Growing a Heart of Wisdom: Self-Control
Growing a Heart of Wisdom: The Power of the Tongue
Hannah’s Song
Holy Covenant Friends for the Battle
The Hunter is Hunted
I Need, I Need
I Never Knew You
Is Trusting God Really Worth It?
Jephthah’s Daughter: All the Single Ladies Cried
Jesus: The Name that Annoys… and Saves
Leveraging Loot for Heavenly Hospitality
Long Live the King
Looking at the Heart
Lydia and Priscilla: Taking Care of Business
The Madness of Saul
Masters and Servants
Melodies for Mobsters
No One Comes to Me Unless the Father Draws Him
No One Who Looks Back is Fit for the Kingdom
Nothing Can Hinder God
Prince of Peace
Rahab: Red Light Redemption
Running on Empty
Saul’s Folly
Scattered as Seed
So the Sower Sows and the Kingdom Grows
Symphony of Grace
Talkers or Doers
The Awkward Generosity of Grace
The Church’s Bedside Manner
The Cost of Discipleship
The Joy of Fearing the Lord
The Righteous King
The Sabbath is for Man
The Visionary Missionary
Waiting for a Miracle
Welcome to the Neighborhood
What Do I Do With God’s Answer?
Your Faith Has Made You Well
Zipporah: A Good Sign for the Fearful